Our journey is one of growing enormously, from starting our business in the back of our garage to (now) a large warehouse and thousands of loyal customers! Here at Nodax caring for our customers is our utmost priority, which has made our business the success that it is today.

We started selling our beautiful wooden bed frames in the year 2011. This was a massive risk as of course it is very common that in the business world not everything started will flourish. However, we took the risk, as what is life without them?!

Our family business, once begun, rose and rose. Starting only with a one-car garage, things were definitely challenging. Taking joy in the happiness of our customers we slowly got bigger and better until the point where we took the decision in 2012 to rent a small warehouse to store more beds for our growing business. We were still a small business and things were tough. How were things tough? Sometimes we felt very much like Sisyphus, the only difference being that our boulder did eventually reach and exceed the top of that hill!

With more interest and desire for our bed frames, we also started selling under bed storage, bedside cabinets, chests of drawers, accessories, and decorative wall panels. More demand meant more delivered to our customers and consequently, we had to find then invest in a bigger warehouse. These searches are always time-consuming, but it was worth it. We found a beautiful large warehouse with friendly landlords in the historic town of Thaxted in Essex, which is where we are currently situated.

We are so grateful for having such dedicated staff who live and breathe their customers' satisfaction.

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