Uncovering the Perfect Mattress

03 Jul , 2023

Uncovering the Perfect Mattress

If you have experienced discomfort, back pain, or lack of sleep the culprit might well be your mattress. It could be too old (8-10 years), or the wrong fit for your sleep style. You can easily discover how to select an ideal mattress and the reasons behind quality sleep with our help. At Nodax we’ve pooled our expertise to lay out how you can select the right mattress for your sleep style.

Let’s explore how a peaceful night is within your reach!

Finding the perfect mattress is essential

Imagine you can experience a transformative impact on your well-being and overall quality of sleep with a quality mattress. Now that you are in the right frame of mind, to help you ensure optimal support and comfort for your back and neck, let’s find out what to consider when selecting a mattress from Nodax that perfectly aligns with your body's needs and sleeping posture.

Mattresses and sizes available at Nodax

To make things simpler, we've eliminated the hard work from the jargon-filled world of mattress selection because, at Nodax, we offer you a refined selection of six mattress types for optimal performance you heard right, only six based on expert design and what our customers tell us.

Nodax Pocket Spring Mattresses

Standard Pocket Spring 1000 Mattress

Super-affordable, Nodax pocket spring mattresses suit side-sleepers and those who sleep on their back. Pocket Springs don’t mould to the shape of your body but instead provide the correct tension in the mattress for your sleep style.

Deluxe Pocket Spring 1000 Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses provide a softer landing surface, as the tension coils adjust to the contours of your body. The deluxe version (designed exclusively for Nodax) supports a firmer feel for those who find extra support for body weight and pressure points equals optimal comfort.

Latex Pocket Spring 2000 Mattress

Latex and sprung mattresses provide combined support for those with back and neck pain. Latex moulds to your sleep style and is best suited to stomach sleepers who like a medium to a firm mattress and sleepers who roll to change positions. To aid your breathing, this mattress is hyper-allergenic, anti-dust mite and contains air vent circulation.

Signature Latex Pillow Top 3000 Pocket Spring Mattress

You would want to add a Pillow top to your latex pocket-sprung mattress if you want the features above combined with optimal pocket-sprung comfort, and a deep support sleep surface which adjusts to different sleep styles. This mattress provides premium comfort if back and neck pain affects you, or you (or your partner) sleep in different positions.

Temperature Mattress Memory Pocket Spring 1000

You may prefer a memory foam pocket spring mattress if you sleep on your side and back, require body contouring, yet experience discomfort from overheating at night or feeling too cold in winter. Designed by Nodax, this mattress can be flipped so that the warming memory foam is uppermost in winter, and the other side with the cooling gel is topside during summer. Your choice!

Luxury Mattress Memory Comfort Pocket Spring 2000

For a sleeper who experiences back and neck pain and likes to adjust their sleep positions the ultimate benefit from this mattress is supreme comfort. The technology behind the high-density 50mm memory foam top and pocket spring combination provides comfort, firm contour, and alleviates pressure points.

“As the Executive Director of Nodax, I invite you to experience the epitome of comfort. Our thoughtful selection of mattresses, crafted with high-quality engineering and materials, redefine superior support and a restful night’s sleep.” Damian Smolenkiewicz

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It’s worth remembering because all mattresses have their lifespan; when you need to buy a new mattress, take the opportunity to refresh your sleep sanctuary and indulge in a rejuvenating upgrade. With a Nodax mattress, you can indulge in a restful sleep that revitalizes you to conquer each day with renewed energy.

You can buy Nodax mattresses online or contact us by telephone/email. Our stellar customer service team is happy to help you and answer any of your questions.